Investing in the USA

Why investing in the USA is a good idea?

No market can compete with the USA on yields or potential capital appreciation. This is why Prime Asset Investments are focused on the USA buy to let market.

Since 2008 we've helped clients buy cheap homes in the USA. By concentrating on the areas hardest hit by the crash, we have found deals offering yields up to 37% a year- and prices at up to 70% below their peak values.

We collaborate with experienced local US real estate agents and brokers to source rentable properties that are for sale at low prices, thereby offering potential high yields and capital growth. By working with local agents, it means that foreign investors can rest assured that they get the best deal and that rent collection and property management will be professionally handled until it's time to sell.

We consider the potential for high yields and capital growth in all markets by applying the following criteria:

  • Undervalued markets
  • Good property market data
  • Strong mortgage market
  • Stable political climate
  • Zero market interference
  • No (or little) corruption
  • Buoyant rental market

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