Buy to let property investment in Pittsburgh, PA
Yields up to 70% pa
6706 Mckinley Court, Jefferson Hills, PA, 15025
Your Investment in
USD $10,400
Gross Monthly Income
USD $600
Property Rental Yield
Your Estimated Profit
USD $75,534
At a glance:
Property Type icon Property Type:
2 Bed Single Family
Price At Peak icon Price At Peak:
Estimated Value icon Estimated Value:
Property Rental Yield icon Property Rental Yield:
Gross Monthly Income icon Gross Monthly Income:
Operating Expenses icon Operating Expenses:
Net Monthly Income icon Net Monthly Income:

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The price says it all, because this is a property you can buy on your credit card. Of course, if you're thinking there must be a catch or there's a trade off somewhere - you'd be right. 

  • Property Evaluation
  • Stats
  • Acquisition Costs
  • Income Forecast
  • Cashflow Forecast
  • Your Risks With This Deal
  • Your Investment Returns
  • Compare Against Other Deals
  • Assumptions

General Property Overview

The price says it all, because this is a property you can buy on your credit card. Of course, if you're thinking there must be a catch or there's a trade off somewhere - you'd be right. 


Choose Section

    Read Section


    Relationship Status
    Homes with Kids
    Age Distribution
    Commute Time

    Home Statistics

    Home Types
    Owners vs. Renters
    Home Size in Sq.ft.
    Year Built

    Acquisition Costs

    Item USD GBP EUR
    Cost of investment $10,400 £7,991 €9,223
    Total $10,400 £7,991 €9,223

    Property Evaluation

    Low risk
    Very high returns
    Overall Deal-ometer

    Forecast income from this property

    The Forecast Income Statement forecasts the rental income you will receive each year. Assumptions can be edited to reflect opinions you have about the market which will also change the Cash Flow and Investment Return tables.

    Forecast income statement

    Forecast cashflow from this property

    Your Cash Flow Statement calculates the different ratios for simple comparative analysis. Any Assumptions you edit in the Forecast Income Statement will recalculate the information.

    Forecast cashflow statement

    What are your risks in this deal?

    Whatever your investment profile this section helps you to evaluate the different risk factors inherent in property investment. And scores each risk category to help you decide the value of the risks you face.
    Property-specific risk
    Risk Neutral
    Regulatory risk
    Risk Neutral
    Exit Risk
    Medium Risk
    Price Risk
    Risk Neutral
    Maturity Risk
    Risk Neutral
    Liquidity Risk
    Low Risk
    Market Risk
    Relatively High Risk
    Macro-economic Risk
    Low Risk
    LT Investment Risk
    Low Risk
    Total Short-Run Risk
    Low risk

    Risk Menu

      Property-specific risk score on this deal is 0%

      Risk analysis date: 8th December, 2019
      Your Property-specific risk on this deal barometer is 0.00
      Risk Neutral
      Relatively High Risk
      Index Scored Score
      Bedroom count against average in ZIP code 0%  
      Bathroom count against average in ZIP code 0%  
      Additional attachments 0%  
      Age of property 0%  

      Your Property-specific risk risk on this property is Risk Neutral

      This Risk Neutral factor is highly unlikely to influence the overall risk position of the deal. And is a positive toward your overall consideration of the deal. However, this does not mean the deal is profit winner. All other Risk factors must be considered together in order to arrive at an intelligent and informed decision that is consistent with your objectives.
      Total Short-run risks analysis score is 23%
      Very low risk
      Higher risk

      Your Investment Returns

      This section demonstrates the NPV and IRR levels against each possible year of exit for the investor. This helps you to determine, based on your personal cash flows, what would be the best time for you to exit the property using the capitalization ratio at the point of purchase.
      MIRR and NPV Profile of Property by Exit Year

      Compare against other deals

      Holding all other financial assumptions constant, this section compares the NPV of similar properties against the deal. Whilst a host of other risk factors must be taken into consideration, including the volatility of returns, this is a broad indicator that helps you to determine whether the deal’s NPV is comparable with similar deals. Is it way above the rest or unusually low? Have a look and know for sure that this is the right deal for you.


      Underlying assumptions


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