Why invest through
Prime Asset Investments?

Let's start with a brief introduction as to who we are. Prime Asset Investments was established in Switzerland in 2006 and collaborates with trusted local real estate agents and brokers in the USA.

Even though we're based in Switzerland, as an international company we consider all property markets on their individual merits. We do this by undertaking thorough macro and micro research into residual property markets in the early stages of the property cycle, where prices are well below the historic average value.

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How we source buy to let property in the USA

We are firmly focused on the USA because it is currently the best buyers’ market, with above average potential rental yields anywhere in the developed world. We identify undiscovered markets and focus on finding property deals that can be purchased at prices below peak market values

Local US partnerships

Buy to let property investments we offer are sourced and purchased in the USA with the assistance of local real estate agents, brokers and property management companies. This means that owners can rely on the local knowledge and expertise of our US partners to manage the buying process and to look after the day to day running of their buy to let investment.

And it doesn’t end there…

Our business model includes buying and reselling the properties we have selected for investment to new and existing clients. Many properties will already be turnkey investments with tenants already installed.


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